For Sale 

We will shear sometime in February, God willing and weather permitting... 

if you'd like to reserve a fleece, let us know your preference as soon as possible, we'll post a price list as soon as we decide which ones we can afford to part with :-) 

We have no stock for sale at the moment, but we are expecting to have lambs come between  the middle of March and into April... they will be available after they are weaned.... 

Our breeding pens are set up, and if you look at the ewe pages, you can see who is bred to whom.... 

we'll post baby pics as soon as they are born.... so check back in the spring for lambs! :-)

 if you can't wait till spring, 

check out our Hand Spun, Hand Woven,  one of a kind shawls

almost as snuggly as your very own Shetland :-)



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