John's Custom Shearing

After attending a shearing school last January, John and Marion invested in a good set of shears and decided to do their own sheep..... They did several small flocks this past year, and John became quite proficient at getting the fleece off in one piece, leaving very few second cuts, and having them look good when they are finished as well :-)... Marion is pretty picky! :-)

He enjoys shearing, and Marion will trim hooves, worm and vaccinate, as they go.   If you are local, and have a small spinners flock of well loved and well taken care of animals, feel free to give him a call....  we have references :-)

They charge $3 per sheep, which includes hoof trimming and vaccinating,  add .50 per sheep and Marion will skirt fleeces as well.  Of course you pay for and choose your medications..... and we will use your equipment on your sheep, though we carry and disinfect after each use our own equipment.  $10 minimum charge




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