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Liberty and Nikka came from Little Shepherd Farm in Peebles, Ohio. They are from  Simple Life lines and are both really sweet, as well as being great milkers.... these pictures don't do them justice, in their winter coats, dried up and all  :-( 


Little-Shepherd SSBB Liberty                                                                 Little-Shepherd Nikka


the girls :-)

This year they are bred to  Wild JAS Lafayette Texas  who came from  Wild JAS Nubians. He's still pretty young, but his dam is Chevy Acres Phoenix, and his sire is Full Circle Curly Joe, so we are expecting nice things out of them. :-) 


Scarlett is Nikka's daughter from last year's breeding to  Rimfire's Gambling Mufasa .... she was one of triplet doelings! :-) and is being bred to a Nigerian Dwarf buck named Aslan this year as part of an experimental breeding program at Pine Pod Farm.....her kids are spoken for :-) 


Lamb'z Own Scarlett

All of our goats are hand raised away from their dams,   on a strict CAE prevention program.... 

God willing, kids should be available come February....


Our Nubians are registered with the


American Dairy Goat Association


Their pedigrees  are online and accessible  from

The Nubian Pedigree Database


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