Honey Bees!

We started with bees last year, bought a hive from a local beekeeper... wonderful healthy bees, ended up with two hives by the end of the summer and quite a bit of an education ;-) .... anyway, to make a long story short, both hives froze due to our unusually cold winter and like most of the area beekeepers, we were forced to get new bees this spring.... 

we got a package with a cordovan (golden) queen from Mr. Simpson , down in Danville... and ordered a Buckfast queen from R.Weaver Apiaries in Texas.... unfortunately, our buckfast queen didn't make it. so we've got a queenless hive at the moment.... 

Marion moved a frame of eggs into it the other day though, and we are hoping they will make themselves a new queen....  

all of the children love the bees.... (mom is still a chicken about working with them, but enjoys them nonetheless).... Dave thinks we are all a little "tetched) :-)   

John helped our friends , the Blubaughs,  get their new packages in  the hives a neighbor gave them, and Marion helped them release the queens...

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Update : May 27 - 

 We bought  a new buckfast queen, and both  hives seem to be doing well.... we'd  had quite a bit of drifting though, when the one was queenless...as the hives are a little too close together.... hopefully this rain will stop soon, and they can get back to work pollinating :-) 

one nice thing about the rain has been the rainbows.....:-)

God is soooo Good!!!

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